Yesterday I graduated from Flatiron School’s coding bootcamp program. It was arguably the most difficult thing I’ve done in my life to date. We were told at the outset to get comfortable being uncomfortable, and my gracious was that true. From week 1 to week 15, I’ve watched my cohort grow together, embrace the uncomfortable feelings, bond together, and get the work done. I sincerely couldn’t have made it through this program if we had not been such a tight-knit group.

But what happens now? At least for a couple days, I’ll be spending some time seeing my family, getting my resume polished, and putting on a good face for the hiring managers at large.

Because as difficult as it was to get through Flatiron’s bootcamp, the search for the first job will arguably be far more difficult. I’m ready to put my skills to use in this new field and start making a difference in the communities that are my home.

When I first set out on this new career I was excited about the opportunities. The money, the benefits, the pace, the excitement. But now that I’ve been through the program, I’m most excited about helping other people like me. I’ve suffered from mental health issues my entire life, and my final project for class was mental health-centric. One that is very important to me, and could plausibly be very important to others. The end of school was not the end, but just another jumping off point. Moving forward, I’m excited to continue working on my app, contributing to the open source community, and landing that first coveted job.

At the end of the day, though, I’m most excited to help my community. I’m most excited to help people with the issues that I didn’t have as much help with growing up. I’m here to make an impact, I’m here to make a difference… and I can’t wait to show everyone what I’m capable of :)

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